Website Re-skin

A much needed redesign of a corporate website that had become cluttered and lost any consistency.

These are some re-designs of a company website which needed to be refreshed… There were limits to what could be done with the layout and structure due to the master templates, so it was a case of brightening the whole thing up and suggest an easier User Experience. The original website, was far too cluttered, with too many images, colours and conflicting designs. My aim was to create a cleaner, simpler design.

All images were found on 500px and used only for display purposes. A big thanks to Ari Wibowo on Behance for the psd template. Its quality. You can find it here…

Original Homepage – A refresh was needed due to far too many styles of graphics and no consistency, a mixture of 3D renders, imagery, too many fonts and conflicting colours was making the site look jumbled and unorganised.

Original Product Homepage – Many of the same issues were present throughout the site. The aim was to create a style and consistent theme throughout. Using colours and styles that flow through the site, which is easy and quick to update.

Redesigned Homepage – Using a simplified and more consistent style with cleaner Call To Actions the redesign was easier on the eyes for the user and set a standard design fell for the whole site. Below are different pages with variations on the Call To Actions and styling.

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