Timber Property App

A personal App Design project

Timber Property App

While discussing the pitfalls of buying a house with a friend over a pint (or three), an idea popped into my head for an app that helps home-owners/potential home owners to find each other more personally. This idea was based around the name Timber (note, we were mainly laughing at the pun in the name!).

But as I thought about it the morning after, I wanted to explore the design of a social style app which would help take away the need for the Estate Agent and help people selling/buying homes… or renting. I like the idea of meeting the people who are selling or buying a house, getting an idea of what the house was like to live in, or why they are moving on etc. I cant help thinking the idea of ‘Gazumping’ people in the house market might be less attractive if you know them.


I wanted a logo that was a welcoming but strong. I adapted the Chunk Five font as I felt it was playful, but really liked the small flourishes.

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The app was designed to be clean and easy to navigate. I was trying to move it away from the more formal look of Right Move et al. The main aim is to get users browsing properties based on the look of the property, then connect with the owner/landlord. Through the app, the user can easily contact owners, find properties near them, or search in specific areas, set up their own personal profile & create profiles for multiple properties. Using the ‘force-touch’ function, the app has an added User Experience. My aim was to design an app that was easy to use.

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