Stylus Vinyl

On-going work for an excellent subscription based company sending out music, alcohol and art. Whats not to like?!!!

Stylus Vinyl – Web and print design

For a while now, Ive been lucky enough to provide my services to an up-and-coming subscription based company Stylus Vinyl
Ive have been working with them on their monthly magazine and online communications. It all started with the redesign of their magazine and then onto related iconography, web presence and any other creative assets they require. Every month is a pleasure with these guys!

Redesigning the monthly magazine

The first main brief was to ‘clean-up’ and ‘modernise’ the magazine. My main aim was to develop the typography, implement a strong grid based design and make the most of great artwork, supplied every month by artists from around the world. This included me for one edition, which you can see here.

Implementing and producing the monthly magazine

Every month, Stylus produces great contents and each article is designed with a clean grid system and typography. The month’s design below included an awesome ‘Augmented Reality’ piece of artwork by Chris Mason.

Special Editions

For special editions of the magazine (including this amazing edition to promote an exclusive release by A Perfect Circle and the wine produced by frontman Maynard James Keenan) the design was produced in a square format to distinguish the edition from other months. This magazine also included, arguably, my favourite artwork produced for Stylus by the talented Mike Watt.

Supporting iconography

Throughout the months i’ve been designing supporting iconography for web and print use… here’s a sample of the icons designed so far…

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