Looking For Eden by Dominic Penhale

My cover design for 'A book for the fed up middle aged man'


I was very happy to be asked to create a design for a new book by Dominic Penhale. He contacted me as he was unable to get the look he wanted for his ‘book for the fed up middle aged man’. As i’m approaching that inevitable future myself, I was more than happy to help. The project was primarily for the Amazon bookstore, social media and website. So I aimed to create a cover that would work in digital and print.
While on a long flight, I took my time and read the book and created some initial designs. The feedback was great and everything came together nicely! This is my process.

Project Development

Dominic was extremely happy with the sketches/ideas I had provided. He felt the visual metaphor and message had been achieved, so we set out to develop the favoured design. I was happy he chose the following design, and not just because it took ages! haha

Final Design

Here’s the final design… you can read Dominic’s thoughts here…┬áIt was an absolute pleasure to work on this project.

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