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While discussing the pitfalls of buying a house with a friend over a pint (or two), an idea popped into my head for an app that helps home-owners/potential home owners to find each other without using an Estate Agent. This idea started as a variation on the app Tinder and the name for the app grew from there (excuse the pun).

But as I thought about the idea more, I wanted to explore the design of a social style app which would help take away the need for the Estate Agent and help people selling/buying homes… or renting. I like the idea of meeting the people who are selling or buying a house, getting an idea of what the house was like to live in, or why they are moving on etc. I cant help thinking the idea of ‘Gazumping’ people in the house market might be less attractive if you know them.


Here, I started planning the structure and functionality of the app. It was crucial in creating the overall design of the app and gave me a chance to play with the design early on and relatively quickly.


Designing the Timber Brand

Having planned out the structure of the app, I then began to create a friendly and modern brand. The idea was to create a hybrid of a ‘social media’ look and feel. The app was to appeal to everyone and needed to feel inclusive.

“The provisional seasonally adjusted UK property transaction count for November 2016 was 97,600 residential and 10,810 non-residential transactions.” (Source This shows that there are lots of people in the market place, looking for a better deal when selling their homes. A more personal experience would surely be welcomed.

Below are the designs for the app icon, colour palette and full logo and brand typeface (Proxima Nova). The typeface for the Timber logo was modified from ChunkFive font, available here. I wanted it to be more ‘friendly’ and rounded the vertical serifs and standardising the horizontal serifs.


Icon Design

To help the User Experience, a suite of icons were designed to help usability. They were designed to be easy to interpret and work in a range of colours and sizes. Every icon was designed on around the same dimensions of the logo mark to help continuity.


App Screens

Here are a range of designs for the mobile app. It has been designed to be easy to use and inviting. The main aim of the app is to connect buyers to sellers and browse properties quickly, making the whole process more personal. Also considered, was how the app could be adapted to the Apple Watch. All notifications, locations and messages would be accessible on your watch, as displayed below.


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